About Us

We are two good friends who met in a photography workshop back  in January of 2010. We both own our own photography businesses, and of course know the importance of getting great images right out of the camera. As we got to know each other even better, we discovered something else we have in common besides our love of photography. We both love fabulous post-processing and have joined together to share what we have learned over the years. We are dedicated to helping other photographers (whether you are a hobbiest or a professional), have the tools and knowledge to be able to create gorgeous edits, find your own editing style and your own time saving workflow-all while making your images absolutely amazing (of course)!!!


Krista Campbell of Krista Campbell Photography

Hi! I am Krista… lover of vintage props, golden fields, backlight and momarazzi-extraordinaire to my 5-year old who dons pink tutus and cowgirl boots. I am also an on-location, natural-light photographer serving Northwest Arkansas & the surrounding areas with beautiful, custom photography.  I am so blessed to also be the co-owner and co-instructor of Digital Darkroom Secrets with Rachel Nielsen of Rachel Nielsen Photography.  It is my goal with Krista Campbell Photography to capture with my camera those little moments that make life special. But for me, using my camera and lens to capture an image is only half of the story.  It is in Photoshop where my images come to  life and where I am able to express my creative side and enhance my images to bring out the beauty of my subjects in front of my lens.  I love photography, shooting in buttery golden light and transforming those special moments into memories one beautiful image at a time… but I also love creating gorgeous works of art in Photoshop so that my clients can cherish and treasure the art pieces I create for a lifetime. I look forward to helping you learn more post-processing secrets, tips and tricks and help you to establish your own workflow to take your images and turn them into amazing art that your family, friends and clients will cherish forever.


Rachel Nielsen of Rachel Nielsen Photography

Hi, I’m Rachel Nielsen, a wedding photographer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love my amazing husband, my 5 babies, my Mac and diet coke ;). I feel incredibly blessed each day to co-own and co-teach Digital Darkroom Secrets Workshops. I also do custom design  and web development for other photographers (Prophoto blogsites, albums + logos). I have had a love affair with Photoshop since early 2007 and I almost love it as much as taking photos. Almost. I love combining my 2 passions and making works of art for my clients as well as creating an amazing experience. I can’t wait to get to know you better and to share with you all of our Photoshop secrets!!!