Digital Darkroom Secrets- Spring Sale 40% OFF/ Photoshop Workshops Online, Post-processing Tutorials

Save 40% during our Spring Break Sale through Sunday March 25th!

Digital Darkroom Secrets Level 3 is designed for photographers who want to learn more advanced techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Level 3 also teaches you the power of digital design to create your very own templates and digital art in Photoshop.  Digital Darkroom Secrets Level 3 includes 12 videos, including  over 6 hours of video instruction where you will be able to see Rachel and Krista edit right on your computer screen and in the comfort of your very own home.

In Digital Darkroom Secrets Level 3 we will be teaching more advanced Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom adjustments such as sliders, adjustment brushes, gradients, etc.  We will demonstrate ways to use the dodge and burn tools to add depth to your images, how to make your own actions to save time in your workflow and how to create your own beautiful black and whites.  Rachel and Krista will show you step-by-step their more advanced workflows so that you can establish your own- to turn your images into beautiful works of art.  In Digital Darkroom Secrets Level 3, you will also learn design principles and how to make your own digital papers, templates, cards and wall art using Photoshop.

All 12 videos are available for immediate download as soon as you purchase so that you can begin learning and creating gorgeous works of art today!  As you work through the videos at your own pace, you will also be invited to join our private online Facebook page, where you will be able to post before/afters to receive feedback, ask questions and connect with other photographers. Priced at an amazing value of only $169.99 BUT ON SALE RIGHT NOW for only $101.99, we can’t wait for you to join us and learn all of our secrets!

List of Videos for Workshop 3

Dodge and Burn Tools

Make Your Own B&Ws

Create Your Own Actions

Advanced Lightroom Techniques

Advanced ACR Techniques

Design Principles

Create Your Own Digital Papers

Create Your Own Cards

Create Your Own Templates

Create Your Own Wall Art

Rachel’s Advanced Workflow

Krista’s Advanced Workflow