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Sharpening is very powerful and should be done at the very end of your editing process.  One easy,  yet powerful way to edit is to use the Smart Sharpen tool in Photoshop.

Here, I am using CS4 to edit a photo of a lovely couple.

I am finished with all of my edits, so I am now ready to sharpen the image for print.

To use the Smart Sharpen filter:

1.  Be sure that all of your layers on the layers palette are flattened.  You should be sharpening on just one layer.

2.  Select Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen.

3.  A Smart Sharpen dialog box will pop up.

4,  Here I am just using the default setting.  You can play around with the settings to find the right amount of sharpening for your image, but the default setting works wonderful!

5. In the Remove menu, choose the type of sharpening that you’d like to achieve.  I usually choose “Motion Blur”.  “Motion Blur” will remove small amounts of motion blur that resulted from camera shake when you were taking the picture.

6.  Play around with the radius to find the right amount of sharpening for your image.  Remember, don’t oversharpen your image.  Check that your subjects’ hair does not look crispy.

7.  Click okay to apply the Smart Sharpen.

8.  Now you have a perfectly sharpened photo!

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