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I love Audrey Woulard’s style… her clear, crisp images are so beautiful and her subjects are always dressed impeccably!

I took Ava out for a photo shoot this morning- Audrey Woulard style.

Audrey shoots in mid-day sun, a clients homes and is famous for her use of sidewalks as natural reflectors.  I usually shoot when the sun is low on the horizon and the light is yellow and buttery.  Today I took Ava out at 11:00am… we went to a part of Bentonville that has mature trees in the neighborhood.  Shooting in this light was definitely challenging…  It was hard to find open shades without any dappled light coming through (if you look at the sidewalks in the images below, you will see what I mean).

I shot all of these images at an f/1.6- shallower than I usually shoot.  I took all of these with my 50mm lens and they are all shot at f/1.6, ISO 100 and with a shutter speed of about 1/1000th.  I found that shooting at this wide of an aperture was pretty challenging and not all of my shots were perfectly in focus (I rejected the images where the focus was off of my daughter’s eye).   In the last image, it was impossible not to overexpose Ava’s dress.  The light coming from the mid-day sun was strong in this area, even though there were trees overhead.

Audrey’s photos are crisp and clean.  I did very little editing on these images.  I ran Florabella’s Clean Color action at about 40% opacity and used a layer mask to erase the effect from the background (I wanted to keep the background as dark as I could). I sharpened, but they probably could use a stronger sharpening- like Audrey uses.

I like the images of Ava but missed shooting in the buttery backlighting.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on these images- AW Style!