Finding Inspiration

I am always on the lookout for inspiration. Even in post-processing, I always keep my eyes open for something beautiful that I could add to my edits.

I have my basic edits and my favorite recipes that I like to do in Photoshop and I stick to them most of the time. But it is fun to add something new in there every once in awhile.

It seems to be getting harder to find inspiration when we see so much everyday. From the blogs I read to our Facebook newsfeed, it is hard for something to really catch my eye because there is just so much.

I am sure you can guess one of the biggest places that I love to find inspiration-Pinterest. Who doesn’t love Pinterest? (and if you don’t love Pinterest, I am not sure we can be friends… kidding, kidding) I love seeing what people have pinned. Not just photography related, but life related. Even a color scheme for a kitchen can inspire something I use in post-processing. An awesome quote can help shape an idea. The eye-candy is just amazing.

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Krista and I both love Pinterest and we would love to see your pins! If you are on Pinterest and would like some new followers, leave your Pinterest link in the comments below! If you are curious as to what inspires us, here are links to our Pinterest profiles.

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Have great Thursday!