Free Online Photoshop Tutorial – Batch Processing

A huge part of my workflow is batch processing in Photoshop. I am always trying to speed up my workflow and batch processing makes it possible for me to pay attention to my kids and actually go to bed at night ;). Being a wedding photographer, those late nights were all too familiar.

So after processing my RAW files in Lightroom, I start my work in Photoshop. I usually create a custom action before starting my batch processing. This lets me combine all of the steps I use into one action so that my workflow is even faster.

My screenshots show Photoshop CS6, but this will apply to older versions as well.

Go to File>Scripts

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Then go to image processor.

This is what it looks like:

free online photoshop tutorial, batch editing tutorial

Lets walk through what you need to set up.

Start at the top and choose the folder of images that you would like to batch edit. Once you have chosen the folder, choose the place where you would like to save the images when you are done. I normally like to keep my images together and so I choose the ‘save in the same location’ option. It will place the images inside the original folder – in its own folder. Which is great-because it keeps them separate. You can also choose another place to save them – whichever you prefer.

Next, choose the file type you want to save it as. I use jpeg for the most part because this is the last step in my processing. You can choose to resize, choose the quality, etc… Choose which ones you would like applied to your image and then move to preferences at the bottom.

I choose to run an action on all of the images. I also make sure that my copyright info is typed in there as well so that it is saved with the image.

Once you have that entered, go ahead and hit the run button at the top. Then go grab a drink and let it work it’s magic!

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to save time, I hope it helps you save some as well!