Workshop 3

Pssttt… come closer… Wanna hear a secret? Would you like to take your awesome images and turn them into absolutely AMAZING ones? We will let you in on a little secret… Digital Darkroom Secrets is a series of workshops tailored just for you. Let Krista with Krista Campbell Photography and Rachel with Beyond Bliss Photography help you take your photos to the next level with our Digital Darkroom Secrets Workshops…  Krista and Rachel will reveal all of their post-processing secrets in 3 leveled online workshops.  Each workshop includes hours and hours of video tutorials and a fabulous online forum for you to post your edits and questions, receive individual feedback, connect with other photographers and show off your amazing images! 
In Digital Darkroom Secrets Level 3 we will be teaching more advanced Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom adjustments such as sliders, adjustment brushes, gradients, etc.)  We will demonstrate ways to use the dodge and burn tools to add depth to your images.  We will also teach you how to make your own actions in Photoshop… including your own black and whites.  Rachel and Krista will show you step-by-step our more advanced workflows so that you can establish your own.  In Digital Darkroom Secrets Level 3 you will learn the design principals and how to make your own templates, papers, cards, wall art, etc. using Photoshop. 
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