I am using Elements to edit currently. Are Digital Darkroom Secrets Workshops for me?

Yes! Not only do we have video tutorials for Photoshop, we also offer Photoshop Elements tutorials (click here to see them).

I am completely new to Photoshop, how do I know what Workshop Level I should take?

Digital Darkroom Secrets Workshop Level 1 would be an excellent place to start! We will get you feeling comfortable in Photoshop in a very short time! You may also want to take advantage of our Digital Darkroom Secrets Ultimate Collection which includes all 3 Workshops at a great discounted price.

I know my way around Photoshop, but I need a more defined workflow and I’d like to make my photos pop, what Level would be best for me?

Workshops 2 and 3 will have more advanced workflow techniques, but Level 1 will also complete the set by showing you how we take our images and transform them from start to finish. Each level can be taken individually, but taking all three levels will truly be the best way to know all of our secrets! We hold nothing back- we will be sharing all our tips, tricks and techniques with you to take your images to the next level! Workshop 3 will also include design elements and have you creating your own templates, cards and word /photo art.

When will my download be available?

Your downloads will be available immediately after your purchase!

What if I have questions while watching the videos?

All of our Digital Darkroom Secrets customers are encouraged to join us in our exclusive group(s) on Facebook where you can ask questions, post before/after photos for individual feedback and connect with other photographers.