“Ladies, ooohhh my gosh! I think I finally got all the videos downloaded! You guys didnt hold back anything in your teaching, I am forever grateful! I needed this and my gosh what you get ….. the mother load! I LOVE you guys! There are sooo many videos I want to watch them all now and then review and use as I go along.”


“I have to tell you both that I was very hesitant to purchase your workshops after lots of dollars wasted trying to become a better photographer (I could have some great lenses instead) any who i have been skipping around a bit and learned so much! Thank you Thank you for sharing your secrets!”


“Thanks these workshops have been amazing! I have taken a few others but yours def made it click unlike the others! So easy to understand and DEF worth every penny!”

-Leslie F.

“Digital Darkroom Secrets has given me more confidence in Photoshop and Lightroom. Not only has my workflow has been streamlined, but I’ve learned tips and tricks that have really helped my editing look cohesive and I am comfortable using advanced Photoshop filters such as Noiseware or Portraiture. There’s never a time, when editing, that I don’t find myself using the techniques taught by Rachel and Krista. I would recommend Digital Darkroom Secrets to anyone looking to strengthen their editing skills and accelerate their workflow.”
-Carey H.

“Loving the Photoshop help ladies! Just to add my story here…..I jumped from PSE (guess I had 7 or 8) to PS4 in 2009 when I started my business. I knew enough – but not quite enough. Thank you for this workshop – I’m learning many things I didn’t know. xo”
-Stacey S

“A great big thanks to the girls at Digital Darkroom Secrets for helping me make the jump into post processing that I was too afraid to make on my own!! I have learned so much in a few short weeks and appreciate everything they have helped me with. So helpful in answering all of my questions (and by all I mean LOTS!) and even answering them twice on many an occasion!!”
-Colleen P

“I was one of those photographer who spent hours and hours in front of my computer editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. A wedding would take me on average about 16 hours to edit. After purchasing Digital Darkroom Secrets Lightning Fast Workflow workshop, I’ve cut my editing time by at least 80%. Using the culling and editing techniques that Rachel teaches in the workshop, I now have a fast and efficient workflow. I don’t dread editing large sessions or weddings anymore! I have gone from 16 hours of editing per wedding to about 2 hours per wedding. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Digital Darkroom Secrets and the Lightning Fast Workflow workshop! My wedding pictures look even better than they did when I was spending 16 hours on them! Can’t say enough great things about this workshop!”
-Kami R